Embrace Your Inner Champion with the Skillz Game Developer Challenge

Welcome to the Skillz Game Developer Challenge! This Spring, we challenge you to launch your game on the Skillz Developer Console and submit to an App Store by June 15th.

At Skillz, we believe the future of competitive mobile games starts with talented indie developers like you. Unlock your game's potential with the Skillz SDK to launch multiplayer tournaments, leaderboards, loyalty rewards and more.



Win up to $25,000 in Skillz-funded UA strategy to scale your game’s success

GDC Summer

2 tickets to attend GDC Summer (Aug. 4-6, 2020 in San Francisco)


Game design consultation with our industry leading game design team

Are There Finalists?

Yes! Our Skillz game design team evaluates all games that are submitted. Games that pass our design review process will receive additional expertise and development support and/or a Skillz-funded user acquisition budget.

1. Complete the Skillz integration

2. Submit the game to an App Store by June 15th

3. Either upload the game’s store link to the Developer Console or forward the submission email to integrations@skillz.com


Skillz will select one GRAND PRIZE winner and additional runner-up finalists judged on game design, cross-platform compatibility, replayability, compliance with eligibility, and game performance.

The game performance metrics used for game evaluation: player retention (trailing D1 & D7 retention rates), the average number of games played per player, and Daily Active Users.